Purva Aerocity Reviews

Purva Aerocity reviews at Chikkajala on Kempegowda International Airport's main road in the northern part of the city. Detailed information on Purva Aerocity specifications, reviews, price benefits, advantages of investment in Puravankara Limited, and apartment facilities are mentioned below.

Purva Aerocity is a stand-out residential development project in Chikkajala, North Bangalore, due to its unique specifications among all the upcoming residential projects in the vicinity. The points below are considered while reviewing the Purva Aerocity.

  • Chikkajala – Established neighbourhood around international airport
  • Puravankara Limited – Well-known builders for luxurious projects
  • Apartment Investment Option – Purva Aerocity
  • Location Advantage
  • Price Benefits
Purva Aerocity Quick Facts
Type of Project Apartment
Project Stage Pre Launch
Location Chikkajala ,North Bangalore
Builder Puravankara
Floor Plans 1, 2 & 3 BHK
Price Range Onrequest
Total Area Onrequest
Total Units Onrequest
Size Range Onrequest
Towers and Blocks Onrequest
Approvals Onrequest
RERA No Applied
Launch Date Onrequest
Possession Date Onrequest

About Chikkajala Real Estate Review

About Chikkajala Real Estate Review

Chikkajala in North Bangalore is swiftly becoming a top-listed residential area in the city due to its closeness to major employment hubs. Its closeness to important IT hubs, manufacturing hubs and KIADB Aerospace SEZ has accelerated the area's expansion. Additionally, it offers access and connectivity via road and metro lines to different parts of the city. Chikkajala is the greatest venue to connect for those living in Hebbal, Devanahalli, Yelahanka, Yeshwanthpur, and the nearby places.

Chikkajala proximity to many innovation parks, industry hubs, educational institutions, and basic facilities for peaceful living is the key driver of the location's real estate expansion. Major IT parks and business firms in North Bangalore, as well as Devanahalli Main Road, are easily accessible from Chikkajala. These include :

  • Puravankara Business Park
  • KIADB Aerospace SEZ
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited at KIADB
  • Bengaluru Signature Business Park
  • Ecopolis IT / ITES SEZ

Kempegowda International Airport is just 9 km from Chikkajala. Due to its close connectivity to key areas in the city, Chikkajala has gained attention from developers and investors to re-develop the location to a futuristic area in the city. The well-developed infrastructure around the area, including physical and social amenities, has seen growth beyond expectation. It is the best location for an investment in a residential development project and commercial lands in the locality.

Puravankara Limited Construction Review

Puravankara Limited Construction Review

Puravankara Limited, founded in 1975 by Ravi Puravankara, is a real estate development business established in Bangalore. Among other significant Indian cities, the company has constructed numerous residential and commercial development projects in Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Coimbatore, Pune, and Mumbai. The most respected and reliable name in India's real estate market is Puravankara Limited. The company has developed real estate developments in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, establishing its position in the international market. Ever since, the Group has been transforming the skylines of contemporary cities by continuously and relentlessly bringing the most exquisite and plentiful cutting-edge real estate concepts, technologies, and inventions.

Puravankara Limited has developed 56 million square feet of residential and commercial projects in its development sector. They have started many luxurious and magnificent projects around the country. They currently have 27 million square feet under development in various parts of the nation.

Puravankara Limited also has many joint venture developments with well- established companies. In 2020, the group invested Rs. 1,500 crores in a Kochi-based real estate development company to develop a residential project on 18 acres of land covering 3 million square feet of area.

Apartment Investment in Puravankara Limited

Apartment Investment in Puravankara Limited

Puravankara Limited apartments are associated with prestigious companies, and investing in Puravankara Limited projects is a proud and extremely safe choice for investors. Investing in Puravankara Limited offers investors a joyful and certified lifestyle with the best and healthy returns available globally.

Puravankara Limited's projects are the greatest residential development projects for those investors and homebuyers looking to purchase an apartment in a desirable area. Apartments from Puravankara Limited are the ideal choice for investors. The apartments are reasonably priced. Purva Aerocity offers opulent, creative, comfortable, and stylish residences. This complex, well-known architectural design provides a comfortable and spacious living environment.

Reason to invest in apartments developed by Puravankara Limited :

  • Luxury tower structures
  • Current updated technology used for construction
  • Creative designs
  • Beautifully planned amenities
  • Offers easy connectivity to prime locations

Puravankara Limited focuses on sustainability, eco-friendly design, and green technologies, all incorporated into the opulent Purva Aerocity residential project. This apartment, developed using modern technology, reduces carbon emissions and contributes to environmental conservation. The apartments will provide a serene environment with views of the lovely surroundings and the national highways which run beside the project.

Advantages of Investing in Chikkajala

Advantages of Investing in Chikkajala

In North Bangalore, Chikkajala is well known as a profitable real estate investment area. Everybody's goal is to purchase real estate in Bangalore, one of the world's most rapidly growing cities in all aspects. Selecting a good location is a crucial step before making any investment plans. The area has numerous planned and existing project expansions, providing investors and house purchasers with multiple options to select their ideal residence.

Year-to-year price appreciation in the Chikkajala real estate market

  • 2020 Rs. 6,342 per sq. ft
  • 2021 Rs. 7,299 per sq. ft
  • 2022 Rs. 8,237 per sq. ft
  • 2023 Rs. 9,278 per sq. ft

Chikkajala in North Bangalore is well recognised as a profitable region for investing in real estate. Buying real estate property in Bangalore, one of the world's fastest-growing cities in every way, is everyone's dream. Before making any ideal investment plans, choosing a decent location is an important first step. There are a lot of ongoing and upcoming project developments in the neighbourhood, giving buyers and investors different options to choose and decide where the right investment should be made.

Advantages of Investing in Puravankara Limited

Advantages of Investing in Puravankara Limited

Puravankara Limited's projects are much more focused on sustainability and will be given greater attention. By incorporating green-conscious construction practices, they create energy-efficient and environmentally exposed properties. This practice reduces residents' utility costs, which benefits the environment and their earnings.

Puravankara Limited always experiments with cutting-edge technologies and design concepts to create stylish, contemporary living spaces. Modern conveniences and amenities that enhance the overall quality of life are often included in their buildings.

Reasons to invest in Puravankara Limited Projects :

  • Architectural magnificence design
  • Attention to detail in every stage of development
  • Globally established and Reputable builder
  • Quality Materials Used for Development

Puravankara Limited has received many honours and distinctions throughout the years, which are a testament to its great success in the real estate industry. This enhances their reputation as a conceivable and reputable developer even further.

Purva Aerocity Review

Purva Aerocity Review

Purva Aerocity is one of the most anticipated real estate developments in North Bangalore, on Chikkajala. It offers well-designed apartments with numerous thoughtfully selected amenities and ideas for a tranquil neighbourhood. The project's residents will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in a natural environment. The present features will provide a range of leisure, fitness, and other activities for all age groups. Every feature in the apartments will be of the finest quality, with more privacy.

Purva Aerocity is a gated community that is fully developed and strategically located. It consists of high-rise residential structures on well-thought-out grounds, which provide easy access to business centres, an international airport, and a well-known IT tech park close to Chikkajala. It is expertly crafted to provide an unparalleled, exceptional standard of living.

The amenities offered at Purva Aerocity have been carefully chosen to meet a variety of residential demands and enhance the quality of life for the residents in the project, all while sticking to industry standards. Many unique and modern amenities are designed to keep people of all ages engaged with the inhabitants of Purva Aerocity.

Location Advantage

Location Advantage

Chikkajala is a well-known and important residential and commercial neighbourhood in North Bangalore with a solid infrastructure, well-known IT corridors, excellent connectivity, and many upcoming construction projects. An efficient network of numerous surrounding roads connects the area to the Kempegowda International Airport and the rest of the city.

Roads connecting Chikkajala and rest of the city :

  • Access to the Bellary and Bangalore, a 4-lined expressway, which is 100 meters away from the project. This road is located near the project site and will give easy access to people travelling to different parts of the state through the road.
  • Kempegowda International Airport's main road connects Hebbal to Kempegowda International Airport, which is an elevated toll road. It also offers connectivity to Devanahalli's main road, connecting the project location to various parts of the city.

Chikkajala provides good access to the rest of Bangalore and is close to international airports and transportation hubs. The location is attractive to companies and IT professionals since it is close to major manufacturing and IT hubs like Devanahalli and Hebbal. Investing here will give good returns because of the area's rapid growth, which is developing with many new residential and commercial constructions and drastic growth in the real estate market.

Price Benefits of Purva Aerocity

Price Benefits of Purva Aerocity

Purva Aerocity is the standout project in the area, offering its customers the best value and investment opportunities for modern residential developments. Investing in Purva Aerocity makes financial sense when obtaining the best returns on investment.

Purva Aerocity is a premium apartment complex that offers all compatible configurations and versions when we consider the present real estate market's other aspects and pricing trends. Setting the bar high, Puravankara Limited will only decide on the prices of its real estate projects after carefully considering the market circumstances.

Benefits of Investing in Purva Aerocity:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Ample Living space
  • Modern Amenities
  • High standard Lifestyle
  • Prime Location
  • High Resale Potential
  • Constant increase in Market Value

Regarding financial funding, purchasing a Puravankara Limited property will make it simpler and easier to obtain house loans for the property. Because of the builder's stellar reputation, financing houses from various banks is easier.

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