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Developer of Purva Aerocity is Puravankara


Purva Aerocity is 14.9 km away from Atmosphere. It is one of Puravankara most successful projects

Purva Atmosphere

Tivoli Hills is an ongoing project of Puravankara near Devanahalli

Purva Tivoli Hills

A rapid developing location near Purva Aerocity


Location of Purva Aerocity- A Prime location on the northern periphery of Bangalore

Chikkajala Fort

Bhartiya Mall near Purva Aerocity

Bhartiya Mall

Purva Aerocity Clubhouse
Purva Aerocity Gym
Purva Aerocity OutDoor Gym

Purva Aerocity Gallery will include images of the residential building and complete graphical details of the project. The site plan, open spaces, development of the land, and project master plan are all displayed in the Gallery images. The master plan seen in the gallery illustrates the project's concept, amenities offered, and design elements.

A gallery is an online image-sharing space where a customer can view the finished product by adding a selection of two-dimensional photographs that highlight the main components of a project. It gives the user the impression of visiting the project site and seeing the facilities virtually.

Purva Aerocity provides its citizens with a luxurious lifestyle through cutting-edge technology. Large tracts of land are being created for the project. This endeavour has created a lot of open space, which calms the residents. The plan provides residences instead of concrete structures; the occupants will enjoy this luxury. It offers spacious 1, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments in a desirable location, improving the occupants' quality of life.

The layout of Purva Aerocity was thoughtfully created to create a tranquil neighbourhood. The location receives more attention in prominent locations such as Chikkajala in North Bangalore. Because of its well-developed infrastructure, the neighbourhood has more residential developments and occupancy than any other area in Bangalore. Residents will have access to all necessary amenities.

Purva Aerocity gallery page displays the best amenities available at the project, including a kids' play area, a fitness centre, a clubhouse, an open garden, a swimming pool, a children's pool, cycling and running track, etc. The inhabitants can relax and find solace in the verdant surroundings. Apart from the hustle and bustle of city life, the project location will afford them a calm atmosphere. Purva Aerocity residents' physical and mental well- being are respected, and various leisure and fitness options are offered to meet their needs. In this lush greenery, people can lead tranquil, opulent lives while taking in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

The Purva Aerocity exhibition will only include images of homes, development sites and amenities. Images of the model homes are made available to buyers. They can observe how the apartment's interior spaces are laid out for living. Photos of the bedrooms, living room, and kitchen will also be taken. Buyers can see them and understand how their apartment will feel and look. The site images will give you an idea of what to anticipate from this project. The gallery images will feature relaxation spaces, comforts, luxuries, and green landscapes with opulent houses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the actual images of the apartments and their amenities be available?

The images displayed on the gallery page are real site images of the future amenities of the project. The real photos will be provided after the completion of the construction work.

2. Does the gallery page offer a tour of every element featured in Purva Aerocity?

Buyers visiting the gallery, which provides a complete tour of Purva Aerocity, can assess the amenities and select which apartments to buy based on their needs.

3. What will be there on Purva Aerocity's gallery page?

The Purva Aerocity gallery page will feature a realistic and virtual representation of the interior spaces and facilities of the project. The images on the gallery page will show you how the apartments will look.

4. Does the Gallery of Purva Aerocity provide an interior view of the apartment?

There are virtual photos of the interiors and amenities which are accessible. Please complete the enquiry form and include valid contact information for more information and photographs.

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