Purva Aerocity Resale

Purva Aerocity Resale

A RESALE property that has been resold signifies that its previous owner has sold it and placed it up for sale. Due to its high resale value, both residential buyers and investors find the home appealing. Prospective homeowners are enticed by the resale value because it enables them to buy the property at a fair price.

Purva Aerocity offers various unit types, such as 1, 2, and 3 BHK apartments, and affordable pricing starting at Rs. 85 lakhs. The project is set to launch in 2024 and be completed in December 2028.

Factors Influencing Resale Value of Purva Aerocity;

  • Location: North Bangalore has seen amazing physical growth and expansion in recent years, making it a great option for owners and investors. Purva Aerocity's resale value is greatly affected by its strategic position, close to vital social features such as schools, medical centres, retail centres, and transit stops.
  • Quality of Construction: Puravankara is known for the high-quality buildings and high-end supplies used in its projects. Purva Aerocity apartments' structural integrity, design, and overall quality will majorly affect their resale value.
  • Return on Investment: The real estate market in North Bangalore is projected to continue its upward trajectory, with property values expected to soar. This promising growth potential directly translates into a substantial increase in the resale value of Purva Aerocity housing, making it a highly lucrative investment option.
  • Amenities and Features: Purva Aerocity offers world-class amenities, including a swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, and lush gardens. These amenities boost the overall living quality and increase the house's resale value.
  • Maintenance & Upkeep: The condition of the property, including each of the flats and the entire complex, is meticulously maintained. This commitment to regular care and upkeep not only ensures the property's value is retained but can also increase its value over time, making it a secure investment.

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