Purva Aerocity Maintenance Charges

Purva Aerocity Maintenance Charges

The term "Maintenance Charge" in a residential apartment refers to the regular fee collected by the management or Housing Society Association (HSA) for the upkeep and administration of the community's facilities and common areas. In addition to providing residents with a hygienic, safe, and well-maintained living environment, this is essential to the general functionality and well-being of the residential project.

Purva Aerocity, located in the vibrant locality of Chikkajala in North Bengaluru, understands the significance of the Purva Aerocity maintenance charge in upholding its residents' quality of life. The project exemplifies architectural excellence and prioritizes the ongoing upkeep of shared spaces.

The project has been developed over vast acres of land, 80% of which includes a green area to offer the ultimate impression of a garden city, which needs weekly/monthly maintenance. Knowing the importance of clean spaces, residents contribute to maintenance charges to ensure cleanliness, vibrancy, and hygiene.

Factors to consider to understand the Property Maintenance Charges :

  • Maintaining Shared Areas : Maintenance fees include maintenance of common areas and shared facilities, including hallways, lifts, doors, parking lots, gyms, swimming pools, and security personnel.
  • How Costs Are Divided : Depending on several variables, individuals or property owners contribute to maintenance fees. The size of the property determines maintenance fees, the number of occupants, or the guidelines set forth by the homeowners' organization (HOA).
  • Role of the Homeowners Association (HOA) : Homeowner's Associations and Condominium Groups collect maintenance fees. These groups are responsible for creating budgets, planning maintenance, and ensuring the upkeep of common areas and shared spaces in the project premises.
  • Creating a Spending Plan : The project developers or homeowner’s association creates an annual budget of Maintenance Charges detailing the specific uses of maintenance fees. Repairs, landscaping, insurance, utilities, and other necessary services are all included in the cost. Usually, a thorough breakdown of these expenses is provided to property owners.

Payment of maintenance charges guarantees the upkeep of Purva Aerocity's common areas and amenities. Many of the factors acquired by homeowners' associations (HOAs) or project authorities are considered when calculating these fees.

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